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Robo Door does not compromise on your security 

The features and benefits of Robo Door's security doors products exist to ensure customer satisfaction and safety at all times by using high-quality materials and superior workmanship. Our warranty and payment terms are further testament to the features and benefits of the Robo Door range.



When it comes to managing and maintaining a household, security is such an important part of the process. For anyone looking to improve the quality of their properties, residential or otherwise, security doors can be the perfect solution to making that possible. Having become vital features for adding an extra touch of protection to any location, the use of security doors as a protective solution is something that any property can make the most of.

With that in mind, then, what makes a security door so useful? Why do they provide you with the easiest, most methodical security possible?

  • SABS Approved Components. For one, all our security doors are manufactured with SABS-approved components. This means that anything you buy from us, the security doors will come with the best possible materials which meet the credentials needed. Since all frames are then custom-built to ensure the best fit and protection, our solutions make sure you are left with an effective, solid solution. Protection is not something that you should take for granted, so give yourself the help and support that you need with our security solutions.

  • Customized Security Doors. Some people worry about security doors, fearing they will be too rigid for the setup that they have. However, we make sure that all of your security door needs are dealt with in a fully bespoke solution. By working with you, we make sure that you get a made-for-your solution that can be designed to fit the look, style, shape, and fit that you need. This is very important, ensuring that you can get all the help that you need in ensuring there is not just a good fit, but a strong and purposeful connection.

  • Created with Professional Care. Another major factor of our security doors is that they can be designed, welded, painted, and secured with the look and colour that you would like. We take extra when delivering our security doors, ensuring that they always carry the right look and feel to deliver each and every time. If you are looking for a design that carries off the right hallmarks of professional care and studious detail, this is the place to start.

  • Bespoke Solutions. We make sure that every job is delivered away from the cookie-cutter designs that others provide. Instead, we offer a tried and tested solution that makes sure you can get a custom security door that feels as it should. With steel sections and an elite level of protection provided that ensures this will be a lasting security solution, we make sure you are left with easy work with a security door that fits every need that you have. 

  • Meet insurance security requirements. 

  • Available in a range of attractive colors. 

  • An ALL STEEL SECURITY DOOR with no plastic parts, for ultimate strength. 

  • Custom manufactured, offering you 4 sided protection. 

  • 60 Months guarantee on materials and workmanship. 

  • Coated with Polyester Epoxy Powder Coating for long life. 

  • Our consultants are well trained and able to provide you with a Risk Assessment, addressing the Primary and Secondary Requirements.


So, if you are worried about quality, style, or shape, contact our team!


The Benefits of Security Doors

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