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Robo Door is an aluminium frames manufacturer situated in Lusaka, Zambia. We are operating for over 8 years, providing a comprehensive range of home improvement products and services. With a vast experience in manufacturing and installation of aluminium doors and windows, Robo Door is the evident choice when choosing your aluminium supplier. 

Our Products

Choose your type of aluminium sliding door from our big selection of products at the most competitive prices. Robo Door are supplying and installing all types of aluminium doors including sliding doors, folding doors, stack doors, shower doors and hinged doors. Get in contact with our experienced team in Lusaka to recommend you the best aluminium profile for your home or business.  Top-quality service begins with the fact that we treat each project as if it’s our own.

Fast Installation

Aluminium windows and Aluminium Storefront Windows at unbeatable prices. Robo Door offers a large range of aluminium window frames at very competitive prices. We supply and install sliding windows, top hung windows, storefront windows and fixed windows for all types of commercial and residential properties. We offer aluminium windows installation and replacement service in Lusaka, Kitwe and most of Zambia.

Affordable prices

Aluminium Sliding Folding Stacking Doors. Robo Door is a leading manufacturer and installer. We provide only the highest quality folding doors in South Africa. All fittings are durable and extra security fittings & weather seals are included in every product. You can do so much more with your space when you exchange ordinary doors for folding doors. We suggest the aluminium folding doors as you get a highly durable set of doors that are easy to manoeuvre into place based on your needs for the day.

Best Value

Get The Best Prices On Aluminium Frames

Finding the best price for a new window or door can be a difficult business.

While we know this may be frustrating, there are so many factors that can affect the price of the materials and labour involved that it’s almost impossible to estimate without visiting your home.

However, we want to help!

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